2009-06-19 10:38:00 by ZadroxProd

Ive uploaded some art ^^
Hope you will like it.

And I will have a little Freetime.

Searging for...

2009-05-23 17:04:03 by ZadroxProd

I am searing for a Team.
I need a Voice actor and somebody for the details.
I can draw the stuff and make the idead ^^
Hope somebody is interested

Visit me on YouTube

2009-05-03 04:47:25 by ZadroxProd

You want more from me?
Then visit me on YouTube:

Zadrox Quiz

2009-05-01 04:35:41 by ZadroxProd

My Quiz (I have allready uploaded) will be edited upload in a few days.
Just stay tuned